The X Factor SAA

Series 2 (2017)
Judges Shawn Mendes (ValyrianTyrell)
Adam Lambert (TwentyOneThrones)
Rita Ora (SAARobbedGoddess)
Olly Murs (Scozcp291)
Host Caroline Flack (Sophie17Lego)

• S2 •

The second series of the X Factor SAA is a currently ongoing series. It started on the 19th February with the Six Chair Challenge and will end sometime in Late March 2017.  

On the 17th January, it was confirmed that Olly Murs & Adam Lambert would return to the Series 2 panel, with Sharon Osbourne & Halsey withdrawing. On the same day, it was confirmed that Series 1 guest judge, Shawn Mendes would join the panel for Series 2. Weeks later, Rita Ora was named as the fourth and final judge.

This series saw the introduction of the 'Six Chairs Challenge' which is based off the real life series. It became the first stage of the competition and saw nearly 30 people auditioning across the three solo categories.

Judges & Presenters Edit

Season 1 judges Halsey & Sharon Osbourne announced their withdrawal on the 17th January, while Adam Lambert announced his return. Olly Murs announced his return to the panel and guest judge Shawn Mendes was named as one of the replacements. Rita Ora was revealed as Halsey's replacement.

Caroline Flack confirmed her place as presenter on the same day, with co-host Saara Aalto withdrawing from the show. Staff never searched for a new co-host for the second series.

Competing Edit

It was announced that the Six Chair Challenge would be added in Series 2. Applications opened on the day of the finale, 5th February 2017. Below are lists of tables, displaying all the contestants who participated in the 6 Chair Challenge. Due to the lack of demand for Groups, the Groups would not receive a 6 Chair Challenge. Groups would be formed out of applicants or rejected contestants during the Judges Houses stage.

     – was giving a seat by their mentor and therefore qualified to Judges Houses.
Contestant Song Status
Harvey (JakeGeorges) "All Of Me" Qualified
Luke (lucky_luke2503) "A Million Voices" Qualified
Callum (ninjawarrior111111) "Shout Out To My Ex" Eliminated
Dan (kingpokemon8) Eliminated
Lukas (iCoIa) "Circle of Light" Qualified
Jordan (DamianLu) "See You Again" Eliminated
Caspar (cazmck1) Eliminated
George (CatSound) "Heartbeat" Qualified
Alex (Aleksxo) Qualified
Indy (Indy1169) "How To Save A Life" Eliminated
Adam (alphabetboyjamie) Qualified
Contestant Song Status
Jasmine (JustCrazyStuff) "My Immortal" Qualified
Eeva (Diaxoxo) "Warrior" Qualified
Classi (twdjessie) "Primadonna" Qualified
Nicola (iiMxdget) "Ghost" Eliminated
Britney (MalgorzataJamrozy) "Hurt" Qualified
Aleesha (DanielTheFreeElf) "Respect" Qualified
Rachel (IrreIaventCaIeb) Eliminated
Ragnhild (ZerinaCaderia) "Circle of Light" Eliminated
Maci (MvrshmallowCat) "Skestu" Qualified
Tamatha (Cosmicana) "Love on the Brain" Eliminated
Alyssia (Gold) Eliminated
Over 25's
Contestant Song Status
Katrina (SoulEliza) "Wild Child" Eliminated
Jamie (Ballisticbill) Eliminated
Carol (hannah8772) Eliminated
Sam (AshleighGames) "Skyscraper" Qualified
Serena (MargaretteWaldorf) Eliminated
Beth (kacasto) "Fight Song" Qualified
Loreen (Dev_Coordination) "Advice" Qualified
Salena (iiUniqueMelxdies) "Stone Cold" Qualified
Tom (TomF_rd) "Hotel California" Eliminated
Leo (iiPlasmaqSoul) Eliminated
Noah (TbhEIIa) Qualified
Queen Z (jxhnna) "Dangerous Woman" Qualified
Archie (Alfrxd) "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" Eliminated

Judges Houses Edit

It was announced that judges houses would take place directly after the six chair challenge with dates yet to be confirmed.

Competing Edit

     – Made it through to the Live Shows
On the day of the Overs Judges Houses, Noah announced that he was unable to make it and therefore he was elliminated from the competition. In his place, six chair reject, and XF1 Boy contestant, Archie replaced him in his absence.
The contestants who went through Judges Houses
Category (mentor) Acts
Boys (Ora) Harvey
Girls (Mendes) Jasmine
Over 25s (Murs) Sam
Queen Z
Groups (Lambert) Adam's Angels
(Cosmicana & AshleighGames)
Destination X
(DamianLu & Tilifia)
The Iconicas
(SoulEliza & JustCrazyStuff)
(Lucky_Luke2503 & iiSlayingWxffle)
The Mega Mix
(Tbh_Loreen & Dezivano)
Shining Destiny
(Alxks & Alfrxd)

Dates & Information Edit

  • Boys: 26th Feb @ 3:30pm 2017
  • Girls: 26th Feb @ 5:30pm 2017
  • Over 25's: 25th Feb @ 3:30pm 2017
  • Groups: 1st Mar @ 7:30pm 2017
Summary of judges' houses
Judge Category Location Assistant Contestants eliminated
Murs Over 25's Las Vegas, Nevada Joe Jonas, Camilla Cabello Sam, Loreen, Archie
Ora Boys Nice, France Louisa Johnson, Bruno Mars Adam, Alex, Luke
Mendes Girls Rhodes, Greece Nick Jonas Classi, Jasmine, Maci
Lambert Groups Dubai, UAE Mel B, Justin Timberlake, Kylie Minogue Adam's Angels, The Mega Mix, Shining Destiny

Live Shows Edit

     – Winner
     – Runner-up
     – Third place
Category (mentor) Acts
Boys (Ora) George
Girls (Mendes) Aleesha
Over 25s (Murs) Bethany
Queen Z
Groups (Lambert) Destination X
(DamianLu & Tilifia)
The Iconicas
(Marcussx & iHxgo)
(lucky_luke2503 & JahmieWyd)

Results Table Edit

Weekly results per contestant
Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Saturday Sunday
Classi Safe Safe Safe Safe 5th Safe Safe Safe Runner-up
George Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
Selena Safe Safe Safe 6th Safe Safe 3rd 3rd
The Iconicas Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 4th 4th Eliminated
(Week 7)
Aleesha Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 5th Eliminated
(Week 6)
Britney Safe 8th 7th Safe 6th Eliminated
(Week 5)
Dimensions Safe Safe Safe 7th Eliminated
(Week 4)
Lukas Safe Safe 8th Eliminated
(Week 3)
Eeva 11th 9th Eliminated
(Week 2)
Destination X Safe 10th Eliminated
(Week 2)
Bethany Safe N/A Ejected
(Week 2)
Harvey 12th Eliminated
(Week 1)
Queen Z 13th Eliminated
(Week 1)
Sing-off Eeva,
The Iconicas
The Iconicas,
No sing-off or judges' votes: results were based on public votes alone
Murs vote
to eliminate
Harvey Britney Lukas Dimensions Britney Aleesha The Iconicas
Mendes vote
to eliminate
Harvey Eeva Lukas Dimensions Britney The Iconicas The Iconicas
Ora's vote
to eliminate
Eeva Eeva Britney Dimensions Britney The Iconicas The Iconicas
Lambert's vote
to eliminate
Harvey Britney Lukas Selena Britney Aleesha Selena
Eliminated Queen Z
to save
Destination X
to save
3 of 4 votes
3 of 4 votes
4 of 4 votes
2 of 4 votes
The Iconicas
3 of 4 votes
3 of 4 votes
2 of 4 votes

Wildcard Round Edit

In an X Factor twist. One contestant who was rejected at judges houses would return to the competition to win a place in the final. Elevation was selected as Adam Lambert's wildcard by combining two ex-contestants together to form a new duo; AshleighGames from Adam's Angels and Dezivano from The Mega Mix.

  • Session Date: 4th March 2017
  • Theme: None (Contestants Choice)
  • Musical Performance: "Lay Me Down" - Sam Smith (JakeGeorges)
Act Order Category Song Vote Result
Classi 1 Girls "Listen" 15 Safe
Loreen 2 Over 25's "Everytime We Touch" 7 Eliminated
Aleks 3 Boys "Give Me Your Love" 8 Eliminated
Elevation 4 Groups "Pills n Potions" 10 Safe
Sing-off details
Elevation 1 Groups "Castle on the Hill" Eliminated
Classi 2 Girls "Primadona Girl" Winner

Weekly Details Edit

Week 1 Edit

Prior to the first live show, it was announced duo Beatz would change their name to Destination X.

  • Session Date: 8th March 2017
  • Theme: Freestyle (Judges Choice)
  • Musical Performance: "TBA" - ? (TBA)
Act Order Category Song Result
Queen Z 1 Over 25's "Deja Vu" Eliminated
Destination X 2 Groups "Warriors" Safe
George 3 Boys "Shape of You" Safe
Aleesha 4 Girls "Candyman" Safe
Selena 5 Over 25's "Unconditionally" Safe
The Iconicas 6 Groups "Chained to the Rhythm" Safe
Harvey 7 Boys "Paris" Bottom Three
Britney 8 Girls "Freak" Safe
Bethany 9 Over 25's "Put Your Hearts Up" Safe
Classi 10 Girls "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" Safe
Dimensions 11 Groups "No Broken Hearts" Safe
Lukas 12 Boys "Jealous" Safe
Eeva 13 Girls "Call on Me" Bottom Three
Sing-off details
Eeva 1 Girls "Skinny Love" Safe
Harvey 2 Boys Eliminated

Judges Vote to Eliminate

  • Murs: Harvey - Didn't see Harvey going that far into the competition.
  • Mendes: Harvey - Claimed that Harvey was probably the weakest performer of the night and also backed his own act, Eeva.
  • Ora: Eeva - Backed her own act, Harvey, and knew he had potential.
  • Lambert: Harvey - Believed that Eeva was overall the better performer of the two.

Week 2 Edit

Although listed on the table below, Bethany was ejected prior to the performances, meaning she finished in 11th place.

  • Session Date: 13th March 2017
  • Theme: 2000's vs 2010's (Judges Choice)
  • Musical Performance: "TBA" - ? (TBA)
Act Order Category Song Result
Classi 1 Girls "Circus" Safe
Dimensions 2 Groups "She Makes Me Wanna" Safe
Britney 3 Girls "Stronger" Bottom Three
Destination X 4 Groups "Na Na Na" Eliminated
Lukas 5 Boys "Crazy" Safe
Selena 6 Over 25's "Lean On" Safe
George 7 Boys "Pompeii" Safe
Aleesha 8 Girls "Crazy in Love" Safe
Bethany 9 Over 25's "Want U Back" Ejected
Eeva 10 Girls "Disturbia" Bottom Three
The Iconicas 11 Groups "Where Have You Been" Safe
Sing-off details
Eeva 1 Girls "Breathe Me" Eliminated
Britney 2 Girls Safe

Judges Vote to Eliminate

  • Murs: Britney - Believed that Eeva would get further into the competition than Britney.
  • Mendes: Eeva - Did not want to be responsible for Britney's elimination.
  • Ora: Eeva - Felt like Britney was superior.
  • Lambert: Britney - Believed Britney was less active and hard-working than Eeva.

Week 3 Edit

  • Session Date: 20th March 2017
  • Theme: Movies (Judges Choice)
  • Musical Performance: "No Fear" - Saara Aalto (Diaxoxo)
Act Order Category Song Movie Result
The Iconicas 1 Groups "Fabulous" High School Musical 2 Safe
George 2 Boys "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" Kill Bill: Volume 1 Safe
Classi 3 Girls "All My Love" The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Safe
Aleesha 4 Girls "Lady Marmalade" Moulin Rouge Safe
Selena 5 Over 25's "I Am Not Afraid Anymore" Fifty Shades Darker Safe
Lukas 6 Boys "Bom Bidi Bom" Fifty Shades Darker Bottom Two
Britney 7 Girls "Let It Go" Frozen Bottom Two
Dimensions 8 Groups "Can't Stop The Feeling!" Trolls Safe
Sing-off details
Britney 1 Girls "Beautiful" Safe
Lukas 2 Boys "Listen" Eliminated

Judges Vote to Eliminate

  • Murs: Lukas - Did not perform as well during the first weeks compared to Britney.
  • Mendes: Lukas - Believed he was weaker next to Britney and backed his own act, Britney.
  • Ora: Britney - Thought that Britney was talented but had to back her own act, Lukas.
  • Lambert: Lukas - N/A

Week 4 Edit

  • Session Date: 24th March 2017
  • Theme: Christmas (Judges Choice)
  • Musical Performance:
Act Order Category Song Result
Aleesha 1 Girls "Santa Tell Me" Safe
Britney 2 Girls "The Christmas Song" Safe
Selena 3 Over 25's "Underneath The Tree" Bottom Two
Dimensions 4 Groups "Stay Another Day" Bottom Two
Classi 5 Girls "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Safe
George 6 Boys "Oogie Boogie Song" Safe
The Iconicas 7 Groups "Joy To The World" Safe
Sing-off details
Selena 1 Over 25's "First" Safe
Dimensions 2 Groups "Supermarket Flowers" Eliminated

Judges Vote to Eliminate

  • Murs: Dimensions - Backed his own act, Selena.
  • Mendes: Dimensions - Believed that they had become a weak act and was their time to go.
  • Ora: Dimensions
  • Lambert: Selena - Backed his own act, Dimensions.

Week 5 Edit

  • Session Date: 27th March 2017
  • Theme: Bruno Mars VS Jessie J (Judges Choice)
  • Musical Performance:
Act Order Category Song Result
George 1 Boys "Grenade" Safe
Selena 2 Over 25's "Laserlight" Safe
Aleesha 3 Girls "Uptown Funk" Safe
The Iconicas 4 Groups "Masterpiece" Safe
Classi 5 Girls "Who's Laughing Now" Bottom Two
Britney 6 Girls "Burnin' Up" Bottom Two
Sing-off details
Britney 1 Girls Eliminated
Classi 2 Girls Safe

Judges Vote to Eliminate

  • Murs: Britney
  • Mendes: Britney - Believed that Classi was the strongest and the only one with a chance of reaching the final.
  • Ora: Britney - Claimed that Classi had more potential and would advance further into the competition.
  • Lambert: Britney

Week 6 Edit

  • Session Date: 31st March 2017
  • Theme: Reinvention (Judges Choice)
  • Musical Performance:
Act Order Category Song Result
George 1 Boys "Somewhere Only We Know" Safe
Aleesha 2 Girls "Toxic" Bottom Two
The Iconicas 3 Groups Bottom Two
Classi 4 Girls "Applause" Safe
Selena 5 Over 25's "When We Were Young" Safe
Sing-off details
Aleesha 1 Girls "I Will Always Love You" Eliminated
The Iconicas 2 Groups "I Know You Care" Safe

Judges Vote to Eliminate

  • Murs: Aleesha
  • Mendes: The Iconicas - Backed his own act, Aleesha.
  • Ora: The Iconicas - Believed both acts were on equal level so chose to rest the deciding vote in the public's hands by taking it to deadlock.
  • Lambert: Aleesha - Backed his own act, The Iconicas, believing they had potential.

Week 7 Edit

  • Session Date: 8th April 2017
  • Theme: Songs by X Factor Legends; Rock(Judges Choice)
  • Musical Performance:
Act Order Category Song 1 Order Song 2 Result
The Iconicas 1 Groups "Touch" 5 "Livin' On A Prayer" Bottom Two
George 2 Boys "You Don't Know Love" 8 "Acrylic" Safe
Classi 3 Girls "No More Sad Songs" 7 "So What" Safe
Selena 4 Over 25's "Bad Boys" 6 "Anklebiters" Bottom Two
Sing-off details
Selena 1 Over 25's "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" Safe
The Iconicas 2 Groups "Survivor" Eliminated

Judges Vote to Eliminate

  • Murs: The Iconicas - Gave no reason but backed his own act, Selena.
  • Mendes: The Iconicas - Could not justify saving them since Selena was way better in the semi-final.
  • Ora: The Iconicas - Though she said the sing-off was better The Iconicas first two performances, saved Selena because she deserved it more.
  • Lambert: Selena - Said Selena was brilliant, but backed his own act, The Iconicas.

Week 9 Edit

Round 1Edit

  • Session Date: 5th February
  • Theme: Best Song of the Series / Duets
  • Opening: The 12 Finalists - TBA
  • Musical Performance:
Act Order Category Song 1 Song 2 Result
Selena 1 Over 25's
George 2 Boys
Classi 3 Girls "Circus" "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (ft. Shawn Mendes) Safe

Round 2Edit

  • Session Date: TBA
  • Theme: Winners Song
  • Musical Performance:
Act Order Category Song to Win Result

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