Draw Country User Artist Song Language Place Points
First half
Greece Greece Alexandra1girl Demy "One Love" English
Georgia Georgia Pwnzer94 Karen O "I Shall Rise" English
Ireland Ireland CatSound JRY "Pray" English
Romania Romania SoulEliza TAYANNA "I Love You"
Russia Russia superninjagirl1645 Cnomha "Serebro" Russian
Spain Spain TwentyOneThrones Ellie Goulding "I Know You Care" English
Switzerland Switzerland ToxiccEnvy Loreen "We Got The Power"
Second half
Belgium Belgium Dolphinflyer Christine and The Queens "Tilted" English
Finland Finland MargretteWaldorf TBA March 2017 TBA March 2017
Iceland Iceland SAARobbedGoddess Jess Glynne "Take Me Home" English
Israel Israel JakeGeorges Sam Smith "Writings on the Wall" English
Slovakia Slovakia Feyros Rag'n'Boe Men "Human" English
Norway Norway LiterallyDia Bishop Briggs "Wild Horses" English
UnitedKingdom United Kingdom TedTheToffee2003 Mans Zelmerlow
Draw Country User Artist Song Language Place Points
First half
Albania Albania EurovisionManster Arilena Ara "Nëntori" Albanian
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan CashMe0usside Emma "Circle of Light" English
Denmark Denmark Scozcp291 Steps "Scared of the Dark" English
Hungary Hungary Kerian123 Louisa Johnson "Tears" English
Netherlands Netherlands TWDJessie LIZ "When I Rule The World" English
Poland Poland tunfiskurinn SLVAVA "Paper" English
Portugal Portugal Lucky_Luke2507 Great Big World "Say Something" English
First half
Croatia Croatia iiUniqueMelxdies Miriam Bryant "Dragon" English
France France Blueye43 Alan Walker "Alone" English
Germany Germany Pikyoseoul20 Flo Rida "Wild Ones" English
Latvia Latvia Vecu Theia "Roam" English
Serbia Serbia VxnillaCat Tosca Beat "Open Sea" English
Sweden Sweden Zendarium Lady Gaga "Gypsy" English
Ukraine Ukraine iCoIa Maria Yaremchuk "Tick-Tock"

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