Big Brother SAA
Series 4 (2017)
Head of Household

Big Brother US is the fourth season of SAA Big Brother US. It is due to begin on the 4th October 2017, nearly five months after the end of Big Brother US Season 3.

Production Edit

Casting Edit

14 houseguests are to be cast for this series, down from 16 last series. With applying opening on the 22nd August (same day as Big Brother 13's launch) and are due to close on the 11th September (same day as Big Brother 13's final)

House Edit

The house reveal is due to take place at some point this month.

Twists Edit

The theme for this series is 'Secrets' as revealed by the application form.

Session Summary Edit

Week # Session Date HoH
(won by)
(won by)
1 October 4th, 2017 Choose Your Path
Unnamed PoV Comp

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