Big Brother UK SAA
Series 12 (2017)
Name Entry Exit      
Abigail Day 1     
Amira Day 5     
Archie Day 1     
Brittany Day 1     
Callum Day 1     
Edward Day 1     
Jordan Day 1     
Kristian & Tristan Day 1     
Lily Day 1     
Louisiana Day 1     
Matthew Day 1     
Oliver Day 1     
Teddy Day 1     
Trisha Day 1     
Megan Day 1  Day 8   
Jamie-Mae Day 1  Day 5   

Big Brother 12 UK is an upcoming series of Big Brother UK SAA and started on the 20th June 2017. Nearly six months after the launch of Big Brother 11.

16 housemates will enter at launch, having been revealed between the dates of the 5th-8th June. In the launch trailer, the series claims 'Big Brother is Getting Evil'

Production Edit

Eye Design Edit

The eye design was revealed in Mid-May 2017. Before the opening of applications. The eye is the first to contain a red theme and the first civilian series to contain stars.

House Design Edit

The house was revealed on the 19th June in a livestream tour. The main theme for the house is international cities and countries, making it the first series to have a particular theme. The bedrooms were designed to resemble Tokyo & China. Whereas the living area was based on London, the kitchen based on Paris, the garden based on Brazil, the bathroom based on Lapland and the hot tub area based on Egypt.

Tasks Edit

Week no. Date given Task title and description Result
122/06/2017Statue Task
Archie was chosen to stay on a statue podium for 24 hours. However, his fellow housemates were instructed to mess with him everytime he stepped off for a break. They were asked to; Hide from him, ignore him and sleep in his presence. The housemates had to pass at least 2 of the 3 tasks.
0 of 3 Tasks Passed
223/06/2017Up Is Down
Housemates were instructed to figure out a 3-word puzzle using at least eight different letters. On Day 7, the housemates were phoned random letters and would have until eviction night to complete it. They managed to get the word i in first attempt

Twists Edit

  • On Day 1, Big Brother informed the housemates that Big Brother would be getting evil. And in the first twist, it was revealed that there were four 'Dark Angels' who would be made to cause drama and arguments, with them being granted a killer nomination each. They were; Matthew, Jamie-Mae, Lousiana and Brittany. On the night of Day 2, all of the housemates were informed of this and had to vote on who they thought on one person they thought would be a dark angel, if one of the actual dark angels received the most votes, they would be automatically nominated. Edward received the most votes and none of the dark angels lost their right to deliver a killer nomination. However, Jamie-Mae was auto-nominated as she didn't complete the task.
  • On Day 6, the nominations were flipped. So those who received 0 nominations were put up for eviction as opposed to those who received the most. In addition, the furniture of the house was stuck to the ceiling. And on eviction night, it was announced that the eviction vote would be flipped. So the housemate that received the fewest votes would be evicted instead.

Housemates Edit

Casting for this series started in Mid-May 2017 following the announcement of the Survivor: Philippines cancellation. And closed on the 1st June 2017. With the housemate reveal taking place between the 5th-8th June 2017 in groups of four.

Name User RP Age RP Occupation RP Location No. of Previous BB's
Amira Sayyara 18 Lawyer Tokyo 0 (Debut)
Abigail llNicolall 19 Student Norwich 9 (BB1-BB4,BB6-BB10)
Archie iiHazzelNut 19 Dancer Essex 0 (Debut)
Brittany Zendarium 28 Dancer Birmingham 3 (BB4,BB6,BB9)
Callum Calza11 19 Construction Worker Glasgow 0 (Debut)
Megan Parvati_Shaiiow 25 Model New York City 0 (Debut)
Edward JakeGeorges 27 Sales Assistant Edinburgh 1 (BB10)
Kris & Tris TwentyOneThrones & XxSCopeMasterXx 23 Singer & Songwriter Weston-Super-Mare 9 (BB2-BB11) 4 (BB8-BB11)
Jordan iiUniqueMelxdies 21 Barista Auckland 3 (BB9-BB11)
Jamie-Mae jamieflowerzz 25 Sales Assistant Sydney 0 (Debut)
Matthew SAARobbedGoddess 18 Underwear Model Newcastle 3 (BB9-BB11)
Lily SoulEliza 20 Unemployed Melbourne 2 (BB10-BB11)
Louisiana Cosmicana 21 Model New Orleans 3 (BB9-BB11)
Oliver Sophie17Lego 20 Hairdresser Essex 8 (BB1-BB6,BB10-BB11)
Teddy TedTheToffee2003 28 Pub Landlord Warrington 0 (Debut)
Trisha NikitaDragunn 21 Makeup Artist London 0 (Debut)

Nomination Table Edit

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
The Final
Amira Not in
Abigail Not
Archie Not
Brittany Edward
Callum Not
Edward Not
Kris & Tris Not
BannedBanned 1
Jordan Not
Lily Not
Louisiana Trisha Banned
Matthew Kris & Tris
Trisha Not
Teddy Not
Oliver Not
Megan Not
(Day 8)
Jamie-Mae Not
(Day 5)
Notes 1 , 2
Public Vote
Kris & Tris,
Kris & Tris,
Evicted Jamie-Mae
Most Votes
to Evict
Fewest Votes
to Evict

Notes Edit

  • ^Note 1: On Day 2, Big Brother offered the housemates to keep the then prize fund of 100 ROBUX in exchange for a housemate self-nominating. Jordan chose to do this and so he was not eligible to be nominated this week by anyone as he already faces the public vote.
  • ^Note 2: On Day 1, it was announced that there were housemates in the house that would cause drama and trouble in order to be given the power to give killer nominations. Jamie-Mae didn't complete the task as required and thus was auto-nominated.

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