Eurovision Song Contest
Also known as RoEurovision


Genre Song contest
Based on Eurovision Song Contest
Presented by Multiple
Theme music composer Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Opening theme Marche en rondeau (prelude)
Ending theme Te DeumMarche en rondeau (prelude)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English and French
No. of episodes 24 Contests
Running time 1 hour 30 minutes (semi-finals)
2 hours 00 minutes (final)
Production company(s) Ro-European Broadcasting Union
Original release 24 June 2012; 5 years ago – present
Related shows RoEurovision Dance Contest (2013)

The RoEurovision Song Contest, often popularly called Ro-Eurovision, is the online ROBLOX version of the Eurovision Song Contest. It is the first Ro-Eurovision on ROBLOX, having been running since 2012. To date, there have been 24 contests; six in 2012, five in 2013, nine in 2014, five in 2015 and four in 2016, with an unconfirmed amount coming in Spring 2017. 

Each participating contestant represents a country and performs a song in-game at the Ro-Eurovision arenas and then cast their votes on the other countries to determine the most popular participant in the competition. The contest began in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden and since has traveled to 21 individual countries, and is the longest-running Ro-Eurovision group on ROBLOX.

As of 2017, Greece holds the record for the highest number of wins, having won the contest three times; the 9th, 14th and 18th contests. Austria, The Netherlands, Estonia, Norway and Sweden each have two wins.

Format Edit

In every show, countries from around Europe would send representatives which would sing a selected song. During the show, after all of the performances have concluded, the countries then proceed to placing votes on the other countries' songs, however, nations are not allowed to vote for their own representative song. The country with the most points by the end of the show is crowned winner. The winner country receives the reward of hosting the contest in the following edition.

The contest is most commonly hosted by 1-3 presenters, who guide the viewers through the show. Opening and interval acts are usually performed prior to and after the performances.

There have been three voting formats in Ro-Eurovision, the latter having been introduced in the 24th contest.

The 7th contest in 2013 saw the introduction of Semi Finals, with initially eight countries competing in two different shows. The number of countries participating in the semi-finals has varied since.

In some contests, Semi Finals were not featured, such as in the 16th and 20th contests.

Participation Edit

A total of 55 countries have debuted in Ro-ESC and have participated at least once. Information on their participations can be found below.

Contest Country making its debut
#1 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Belgium Belgium, Denmark Denmark, France France, Germany Germany, Greece Greece, Ireland Ireland, Italy Italy,
Malta Malta, Netherlands Netherlands, Norway Norway, Russia Russia, Slovenia Slovenia, Spain Spain, Sweden Sweden, Turkey Turkey, UnitedKingdom United Kingdom
#2 Cyprus Cyprus, Estonia Estonia, Hungary Hungary, Poland Poland, Portugal Portugal, Romania Romania, Ukraine Ukraine
#3 Iceland Iceland, Switzerland Switzerland
#4 BosniaHerzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovakia Slovakia
#5 Austria Austria, Moldova Moldova
#6 Belarus Belarus, FYRMacedonia FYR Macedonia
#7 Albania Albania, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Croatia Croatia, Latvia Latvia, Lithuania Lithuania
#8 Serbia Serbia
#9 Finland Finland
#10 SanMarino San Marino
#11 Montenegro
#12 Luxembourg Luxembourg
#13 Andorra Andorra, Armenia Armenia, CzechRepublic Czech Republic, Georgia Georgia, Israel Israel, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein
#14 Aland Islands, Monaco Monaco
#15 Greenland Greenland, Kosovo Kosovo
#19 Morocco
#22 Australia Australia
#25 VaticanCity Vatican City

Hosting Edit


Since the 7th contest, slogans and themes have been introduced to the show (including various exceptions between the 7th and 24th contest). The slogan is decided by the Ro-Eurovision Production Team, who develop the slogan, theme and visual design for the contests.

Contest Host Country Host City Slogan
#7 Ukraine Ukraine Kiev Music is our Gravity
#10 Greece Greece Athens Party with the Gods
#20 Andorra Andorra Andorra La Vella Crystallize
#21 Lithuania Lithuania Vilnius Unity
#22 Norway Norway Oslo Galaxies Collide
#23 Sweden Sweden Karlstad Essence
#24 Italy Italy Rome #ShareYourStory

Rehearsals & Semi-Final DrawsEdit

For many contests, rehearsals have been hosted prior to the shows in order for the participants to prepare. There are usually not set-schedules for rehearsals; a time and date is given a couple of days in advance by the staff and is optional for participants.

Semi-Final Draws usually take place upon the first week of the application process for that edition. Prior to the 22nd contest, the draw was completely randomized, however from the 23rd contest onward, pots were introduced to drastically reduce the chances of friendly/tactical in the semi-finals, which proved mostly successful.


Song SelectionEdit

During the application process, contestants cannot enter a previously winning song from the contest. In addition, any song entered previously in a contest is not allowed (in some rarer cases, songs which placed terribly in previous contest and/or are not familiar with the staff are often allowed to re-enter).


The jury panel is to be introduced in the 24th contest, and will consist largely from non-participants - however due to this system being introduced after the application process, the jury panel for the 24th contest will most likely contain non-qualifiers from the Semi Finals as well.

  • Juries cannot friendly vote or vote strategically.
  • Juries will cast their votes prior to the Grand Final - if possible, a Jury show may be held, but this is not definite.

If participants are discovered attempting to influence a juror's vote, they will be punished or removed from the competition.

The current jury panel consists of:

  • ValyrianTyrell - Participated in many contests since #10, won #10, #11, #16 and #21. Non-participant.
  • DanielTheFreeElf - Participated in #21 and #23. Non-participant.

Voting Edit

The format of the contest has remained the same from #1 until #22. With the 23rd contest featuring a new addition to the

  • 1st to 22nd: Each country would award 12, 10 and 8-1 votes to their favorite songs. All non-finalists & non-participants would follow the same system.
  • 23rd: Each finalist would award 12, 10 and 8-1 to their favorite songs, with the non-finalists & non-participants voting the same way, but their votes would all be combined and shown at once.
  • 24th-onwards: Each country would award 12, 10 and 8-1 points to their favorite songs. In addition, a set of juries (non-participants who did not sign up at the application stage, and in extreme cases non-qualifiers) would rank and award points to the songs prior to the show, with their points combining with the televote's to receive an overall result of the countries' scores.

Tie for first placeEdit

Although this situation has not occurred in the contest, a rule has been put in place to determine who comes out on top in a tie. This is due to the number of times there has almost been a tie - in the 18th contest, 1 point split first and second place, while in the 20th contest, 3 points split the top three countries. Under the current rules, if two countries tie in any place, the country which received the most sets of 12-points would come out on top.

List of Contests Edit

In total, twenty-three contests have been hosted since Ro-ESC began in 2012, with a 24th contest to be hosted in April 2017.

Year No. Host City Semi Final 1 Semi Final 2 Final Winning Country Username Song Points
20121Stockholm 24 June 2012Norway NorwayNico6636"Fairytale"
2Oslo Azerbaijan AzerbaijanScozcp291"Me and my Guitar"
3Ganja Ireland IrelandN/AN/A
4Dublin UnitedKingdom United KingdomN/AN/A
20135Sarajevo25 May 2013 Estonia EstoniaCristanio777"Et Uss Saaks Alguse"97
6Tallinn2 June 2013 Ukraine UkraineVanEttaDaBomb"Gravity"90
7Kiev8 June 2013 9 June 2013 16 June 2013 Austria AustriaEpicdan120"Can't Hold Us"95
8Vienna Moldova MoldovaAlexcelsuper"Hold Me"63
20149Isai 15 April 2014Greece GreeceDolphinflyer"Happy"46
10Athens17 May 201418 May 201424 May 2014Netherlands NetherlandsValyrianTyrell"Children of the Universe"124
11Rotterdam31 May 2014 1 June 2014 7 June 2014 Denmark DenmarkValyrianTyrell"Glorious"131
12Bornholm 21 June 2014 Austria AustriaCherryberry17"Stay With Me"75
13Vienna 5 July 2014 Netherlands NetherlandsJaapermen "Love The Way You Lie"43
14Rotterdam 19 July 2014 Greece GreeceAlexanderLannister "Pompeii"69
15Crete26 July 2014 27 July 2014 2 August 2014 Estonia EstoniaStenh006"Your Love"90849684
201516Tallinn 28 March 2015 Sweden SwedenValyrianTyrell"Goodbye to Yesterday"105
17Stockholm25 April 2015 26 April 2015 2 May 2015 Switzerland SwitzerlandAmazingAbs"Dear Future Husband"113
18Zurich9 May 201510 May 201516 May 2015Greece GreeceZendarium"I Knew You Were Trouble"53
19Patras24 May 2015 25 May 2015 30 May 2015 Andorra AndorraDolphinflyer"I Really Like You"97
201620Andorra La Vella 19 March 2016 Lithuania LithuaniaScozcp291"Runnin' (Lose It All)"106
21Vilnus2 April 20163 April 20169 April 2016Norway NorwayValyrianTyrell"Miracle"88
22Oslo23 April 201624 April 201630 April 2016Sweden SwedenZendarium"Love Me Again"122
23Karlstad21 May 201622 May 201628 May 2016Italy ItalyTheMajesticWolves"If Love Was a Crime"114
201724Rome15 April 2017 16 April 2017 23 April 2017 Latvia LatviaVecu"Roam"122
25RigaTBA May 2017 TBA May 2017 TBA May 2017

Records Edit