Nickname iAidann
Birth Date 18
Hometown Newcastle, England
Occupation Underwear Model
Season SAA Big Brother UK Season 12
Place 1st
Times Nominated 3 (Weeks 3, 7 and 8)
Nominations Received 5
Days 28

Matthew is a housemate that competed in Big Brother 12 UK, he entered the house on Day 1 and quickly got himself into multiple friendships with housemates such as Lily and Jordan, and became a 'clique leader' for that side of the house. He nearly got removed after he got angry and aggressive at Alexia, who locked him in a room. Throughout the series, he found himself in conflict with housemates such as Amira, Trisha and Abigail.

He emerged as the winner on Day 29, winning by only 0.8% to Amira (the second closest result, only 0.1% more than Kavita and Ba in BB14)

Biography Edit

Retrieved from SAA applications

  • Age: 18
  • Hometown: Newcastle, England
  • Occupation: Underwear Model
  • Three adjectives that describe you: Player, Asshole, Funny
  • RP Personality: Matthew is a young, fun and energetic person. He can also be described as a player when it comes to girls. He wont hold back from getting with other girls in the house. Matthew is the typical Geordie lad who will certainly not hold back during his time in the house. His gameplan is to stand out from everybody and provide comedy and entertainment so there is more chance the viewers will keep him. Matthew is a fan of a drink but sometimes he can go over the top and end up unconscience on the floor. If someone tries to argue he certainly wont hold back and will give them what they deserve. Another part of Matthews plan is nominating strategically so don't always expect obvious nominations from him.
  • How would your character deal with confrontation?: By getting in someone’s face and dealing with them like a woman.

Players History - Big Brother 14 Edit

Nominations HistoryEdit

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Kris & Tris - Passed Mission
2 Abigail
Abigail -
3 Louisiana
- -
4 Not Eligible Secret Moles Nominated
5 Abigail
- -
6 Alexia
- -
7 Trisha
8 No Nominations Saved by Public; Advanced to final
9 No Nominations Winner

Trivia Edit

  • Matthew claims that he kissed Megan before her eviction, which wasn't aired or known by his fellow housemates.