Love Island (Season 1)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 4
Original network SAA Roblox Roleplays
Original release 12th - 17th July 2017
Series chronology
Season 1 

Love Island; Season 1. Was the inaugural season of SAA Love Island. It launched on the 12th July 2017 and ended after 4 episodes on the 19th July 2017. It featured 17 islanders, 7 of who entered late.

Islanders Edit

The cast for the first series was revealed on the 8th June 2017.

Islander Age Hometown Entered Status
Bexley 22 Aberdeen Day 1 Winner (Day 8)
Nathan 23 Braintree Day 1 Winner (Day 8)
Holly 22 Edinburgh Day 1 Runner up (Day 8)
Jeremy 22 Ibiza Day 1 Runner Up (Day 8)
Jacob 26 Leicester Day 6 Third Place (Day 8)
Tyra 20 Manchester Day 1 Third Place (Day 8)
Jasmine 21 Chelsea Day 1 Fourth Place (Day 8)
Josh 21 Penzance Day 1 Fourth Place (Day 8)
Danielle 29 London Day 5 Dumped (Day 6)
Jerry 22 Los Angeles Day 1 Dumped (Day 6)
Melania 24 Beaconsfield Day 1 Dumped (Day 5)
Xavier 23 Newcastle Day 1 Dumped (Day 5)
Sarita 19 Hinkley Day 2 Walked (Day 5)
Spencer 22 Manchester Day 1 Walked (Day 4)
Carly 24 Newcastle Day 1 Dumped (Day 3)
Max 21 London Day 1 Dumped (Day 3)
Axel 19 Edinburgh Day 2 Dumped (Day 2)

Coupling Edit

Day 1 Day 2 Day 4 Day 6 Final
Bexley Not in Villa Spencer Spencer Nathan Winner
(Day 8)
Nathan Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine Bexley Winner
(Day 8)
Holly Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy Runner-Up
(Day 8)
Jeremy Holly Holly Holly Holly Runner-Up
(Day 8)
Jacob Not in Villa Tyra Third Place
(Day 8)
Tyra Xavier Xavier Jerry Jacob Third Place
(Day 8)
Jasmine Nathan Nathan Nathan Josh Fourth Place
(Day 8)
Josh Not in Villa Melania Sarita Jasmine Fourth Place
(Day 8)
Danielle Not in Villa Jerry Dumped
(Day 6)
Jerry Not in Villa Sarita Tyra Danielle Dumped
(Day 6)
Xavier Tyra Tyra Melania Dumped
(Day 5)
Melania Spencer Josh Xavier Dumped
(Day 5)
Sarita Not in Villa Jerry Josh Walked
(Day 5)
Spencer Melania Bexley Bexley Walked
(Day 4)
Carly Max Max Dumped
(Day 3)
Max Carly Carly Dumped
(Day 3)
Axel N/A Dumped
(Day 2)

Main events Edit

The islanders entered the island for the first time

On Day 2, axel was left stranded with no one and was the first one to be dumped of the island

Later on day 3, The first couple was to be dumped, this ended up being max and carly.

On day 4 Spencer decided to walk, while on day 5 Sarita also walked.

This was followed by another couple being dumped, melania and xavier left the island in a boom.

Holly and Jeremy made the first ever SAA sex tape and was the only couple to not break up although there was a minor fight day 5 and day 6.

On Day 6 Another couple was dumped, this was Jerry and Danielle's time to go.

Day 7, there was the final dates

On day 8 was the final.

The final two couples were

Holly and Jeremy and Nathan and bexely

Nathan and Bexely took the crown.