Nickname jamieflowerzz
Birth Date 25
Hometown Sydney, NSW, Australia
Occupation Sales Assistant
Season SAA Big Brother UK Season 12
Place 19/19
Times Nominated 1 (Week 1)
Days 5

Jamie-Mae is a 50% deaf sales assistant from Sydney, Australia. She entered the house on Day 1, along with 14 other housemates. On Day 2, she was assigned as a 'Dark Angel' and had to do something to another housemate to recieve a killer nomination. However, due to her deafness, she did not hear what Big Brother said, therefore she lost the task. She was automatically nominated as a result. While in the Podium Task, Jamie-Mae grew a close relationship with Trisha. She had a hatred between Kris and Tris, as she stated that 'I could've used them in the Dark Angels!'. On Day 5, Jamie-Mae was evicted in a 36.8% vote. She came in last place of the season.