Cosmic joined SAA in November to be in BB9 but originally joined in BB6 to support friends. The most robbed housemate ever especially in BB9 and BB14 when Zeus was evicted and noone told us it would be a double so shit lol. Cosmicana was evicted with a duo most of the time excluding BB10,BB12. She was also in Love Island but removed as she didnt make it lol. Brutally gone in BBUS2 as everyone allied with eachother

Season Place Duo evicted with pERSON
9 1st out (oof) llNicolall Chantelle
BBUS2 2nd out (tf die) Noone Vanessa
10 6th out (yass) Noone Zoe
All Winners 6th Place (woo) iUniquex Zoe
12 3rd out (weave gone) Noone Louisiana
Love Island Removed Noone Iris
13 12th out (okay woo) iUniquex again tf Anthony
14 4th out (really?) BB_Fan ew Zeus