RoEurovision in Concert
24th Edition
Venue Split, Croatia
Date 11th April 2017
Competition RoEurovision #24

RoEurovision in Concert is an upcoming event that will see many countries in the 24th RoEurovision song contest promote their songs ahead of the Semi Finals. The concert will have a mini voting session at the end. 


Below is a table with the confirmed participants:

Draw Country User Artist Song Place
1 Denmark Denmark Scozcp291 Steps "Scared of the Dark" 3
2 Malta Malta iCola Ira Losco "Walk On Water" -
3 France France Blueeye43 Alan Walker "Alone" -
4 Norway Norway Diaxoxo Bishop Briggs "Wild Horses" -
5 Sweden Sweden Zendarium Ariana Grande "Touch It" -
6 Latvia Latvia Vecu Theia "Roam" -
7 Portugal Portugal Lucky_Luke2503 A Great Big World "Say Something" 3
8 Croatia Croatia iiUniqueMelxdies Miriam Bryant "Dragon" 2
9 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan CashMe0usside Emma "Circle of Light" 3
10 UnitedKingdom United Kingdom TedTheToffee2003 Måns Zelmerlöw "Should've Gome Home" -
11 Ireland Ireland Pxseas JRY "Pray" 1
12 Poland Poland tunfiskurinn Svala "Paper" 3

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